Wednesday, January 9, 2008

--Under Construction--

The News10 Web Center in their newsroom is currently undergoing through a remodeling process.

"We're building a new assignment desk (we're calling it the connection
because it's about connecting to the community) so that it's closer
to the Web Center. We're also building an area for multimedia
journalists to plug in their cameras and laptops when they return from the
field. I also think I heard something about a new anchor desk. I don't know
what the plan is for that.

If you've watched anyone do something from the Web Center lately,
you'll notice the lighting's a little off and the camera angle is kind of
funky. That's because the talent is standing in a construction zone. In
fact, often there's an electrician or construction guy standing just
off-camera waiting to get back to work." According web producer Elizabeth Bishop.

So we'll wait and see what surprise News10 will revealed to us in the near future.

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Dora said...

Can't wait till News10 reavles us another surprise