Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Did you know?

Most stations now days have a mini TV screen right underneath the teleprompter so the anchor can see what video is playing or what the reporter might be talking about during their package. TV screens can commonly be found underneath the desk next to a computer screen or on a TV stand behind the cameras, BUT since KCRA debuted their new HD set nearly 1-year ago...A TV flat screen which is located right on top holded from a bar to the celling is designed specially for what the camera is viewing. For example, if an anchor is at the desk it only shows their face which is a good idea if part of their hair is sticking up (thats why there are makeup rooms). But I find it very interesting! And this picture taken earlier last year, if you look up you can see the behind of the TV screen right near the studio lighting.

Heres an example from a view behind the desk

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