Tuesday, January 20, 2009

News10 Cuts...

For so many years covering breaking news, and bringing sunset views for the closing of the 5pm newscast, News10 is no longer using their helicopter anymore due to the economic times. If you watched a lot of News10, then you probably notice in 2007 they slowly used their helicopter... every morning they used to have traffic updates with Angel Cardenas or Julie Durda, or just nice views during the weather segment's, but that has all changed. No word if air10 will return. Now, KCRA can say they their the only ones in the sky in HD.

Also there are talks that "Big Red", News10's Satellite truck maybe sold! Another sign of the troubled economic times. And News10 staff have been told to take furloughs or 5 days of unpaid leave between now to March 2009. News10 is not the only station doing this, Gannett, the owner of News10 has forced TV stations and newspapers across the country to do the same. I recently notice one of their live trucks is just plain red without any logos... could mean a money issue as well.

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