Monday, June 16, 2008

Local Father Beats His Son to Death...

On Saturday, June 14th just after 10 p.m. the Stanislaus County 911 Call Center received calls from residents of an area where a man was beating a young kid at a rural intersection in Turlock, California. According to the phone calls people were reporting that a pickup truck was on the wrong side of the road parked and witnesses saw the suspect brutally abusing the young boy by throwing him to the ground, witnesses also said that people tried to stop him but it didn't help because they were also being thrown to the ground as well by the suspect. Finally the Stanislaus County sheriff's helicopter arrived to the scene where they landed at a cow pasture... A police officer who was on the helicopter told the suspect to step away from the baby with his weapon drawin at him... the suspect didn't comprend and the officer was force to shot, killing the suspect, the 2-year-old boy was takin to a local hospital where he died shortly. The officer who shot at the suspect has been placed on administrative leave until the outcome of the investigation is solved.

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