Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And the Winner is...

Tuesday, June 3rd was election day for mayor of Sacramento County and local propositions. And there was none stop live team coverage on local stations, especially for KCRA 3 going on air a 7 p.m. ending their coverage at midnight, so obviously busy times in newsrooms gathering information on the national and local elections, an earthquake that hit Solano County and a massive tree limb falling down on Heather Fargo's rally held at Vallejo's restaurant in Downtown Sacramento injuring one person. Below are the precincts report for Sacramento Mayor. However Johnson is the leader in the precincts, but a run-off is expected because both candidates did not reach 50% or more and the rest of the votes were split among third-party candidates, so officially the new mayor has not been confirm yet, there is a lot to come fourth.

Johnson 47%
Fargo 40%
Padilla 6%
Eldredge 3%
Strand 3%
Jones 1%
Daniel 1%

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