Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Southern California Firestorm

If you watched the news for the pasted three days, then you have notice the top story on each station is the horrible wilde fires in Southern California. Almost every station in Northern California has sent their reporters out to cover this over grown story. The only station in Sacramento that did not send a reporter out is KTXL FOX40, probably because of Tribune's budget (The ownership of FOX40)
Here are a list of local area reporters covering the story.

Edie Lambert (Mon-Weds)
David Beneick(Mond-Weds)
Sharokina Shams (Tues-Weds)
Pamela Wu (Thurs-Fri)
Mike TeSelle (Thurs-Fri)

KXTV News10
Deborah Hoffman
Jon Baird
Dan Adams
Patty Souza

Serene Branson

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