Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Former anchor comments News10's Studio set

Former News10 Anchor Kiran Chetry (Who left the station in 1999 and is now with CNN News in New York) commented the News10 studio desk saying it has not changed one bit since she left eight years ago. This was after she introduce the story of the News10 Good Morning folks being spoked by a couple of dressed up people in the Halloween spirit put on by the producer Kevin. You can watch her introduce the mini story provided by the link below.



Radio Matthew said...

I'm not sure that's "criticism" — I saw the same video and I felt like she was just commenting on how the set hadn't changed. "Criticism" is a misappropriated term for what she said.

Anonymous said...

I agree with radio matthew. It was merely an observation. Criticism? I don't see it.