Saturday, July 26, 2008

Local Celebrity Look-a-likes...

Okay so these local celebrity look-a-likes might not go with you, but for me it does when it comes to their personality and appearance, so here I go...

Sharon Ito from and Connie Chung TV Journalist

Thomas Drayton from FOX40 News at 10, and Alex Rodriquez
from the NY Yankee's

Monica Woods from News10 Good Morning and
Jennifer Aniston popular TV actress
Nicole Chavez from News10 Good Morning and Rachael Ray,
popular TV show Host.
Brian Hickey from KCRA 3 Morning News, and Jake Tapper,
ABC News Correspondent
Pallas Hupe, CBS 13 evening anchor, and pop british singer Natasha Bedingfield

Louisa Hodge and Reese Witherspoon
And lastly, Lois Hart from KCRA 3 and Heather Locklear TV actress.
What do you think? Possibly more to come!
Melissa Cabral- Heidi Montag


Radio Matthew said...

Spot on with the first one. The rest are kinda iffy...

Stacy said...

NONE of these people look like each other. Thomas Drayton and A-Rod? Not even close.