Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Five People Killed in Stanislaus County...

At least five people were killed Tuesday afternoon after a van carrying relatives fell into canal in Westley, California southwest of Modesto. According to local authorities the four people in the SUV were on their way home to Lodi after working in an Orchard in the town of Westley earlier that day when suddenly they crashed into a truck owned by United Site Services Inc. based from Sacramento. Reports of witnesses say the force of the impact drove them to fall into the canal which occurred at the intersection. Hours later authorities pulled out the SUV Tuesday evening with four bodies sill in the SUV and the driver of the septic truck was pulled out earlier that day and was pronounced dead. When family members of the workers were interviewed by TV stations they were upset blaming the divers for not taking quicker action because they were 'immigrants' according to a family member interviewed by CBS13. Later in the interview an authority said it had nothing to do with who they were, it was because of the current moving fast and didn't want to take any chances.
Still investigators are on the scene trying to piece together what determined the crash.

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