Friday, November 2, 2007

Yet Another CBS 13 Reporter will leave

CBS 13's Serene Branson will be leaving the station sometime in mid-late November 2007 to Los Angeles, California. She already had done some freelance stories for KCBS a station in Los Angeles and would like to go where she had a dream to work at. Serene says "Los Angeles has always been my goal," who grew up in Southern California and attended UCLA. "I worked in Palm Springs and Santa Barbara to get my feet wet. When the opportunity presented itself up here in Sacramento, people told me that Sacramento is a great news market and that people in L.A. will take you seriously from Sacramento"

"The one thing we tell our reporters, especially as we broguht people in to rebuild the station, is that we're a large company and we want to help our reporters stay within the company and go to a bigger market. That's a sign we're doing our job," Charlier says to Sacbee 21Q.

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