Friday, November 30, 2007

News Anchor talks about God

Tuesday Nov. 28, 2007 KCRA's Adrienne Bankert went to Sac State to speak to students from the International Students Christian Fellowship about her experiences of being a Christian. Avi Ehrlich who is one of the campus newspaper reporters wrote a wrote about a mini-controversy stemming from Bankert's remarks...

"Others took issue with parts of Bankert's message...One part of Bankert's presentation that (Sac State ethnic studies major Marc) Sorensen was uncomfortable with dealt with religious stereotypes.
As part of her presentation, Bankert asked: "Have you ever met a poor Jewish person?"

"I have never met a poor Jewish person ever in my life! Every Jewish person I went to school with had money, and if they didn't have money literally ... they knew how to get some. The Jewish people founded Hollywood, Jewish people were in banking, lawyers."

Bankert said she, herself, is a Jew in Jesus' name.

"I'm a Jewish person, because I'm saved by the blood of Jesus. He is Jewish, and I want what he's got for me."

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Jeff said...

No comments about his one yet?

I am neither Jewish nor Cristian, so her comments don't offend my personal religious beliefs, but I can, obviously, see how they would offend a Jewish person.

What kills me is that she insults the very people she infers are in control of show business. Isn't she on TV!!!

Wow, if you're going to offend someone, at least make sure they can't blacklist you.

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