Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back in CA

Remember Jeff Raineri? Jeff worked at KCRA for a few years as the weekend morning meteorologist and left in 2005 to MSNBC and NBC Weather Plus to forecast on national TV. After working in Chicago for a while and New York City. Jeff is now back in California, and he's the Chief Meteorologist for KNTV- NBC 11 in San Jose, California. Welcome back Jeff.


Paul said...

Jeff Raneri replaced John Farley who was their Chief Met at KNTV from the days when the station was an ABC affiliate serving the Monterey Bay area, the WB and NBC eras. I would know, I met him back in 2007. He really deserves that job.

Anonymous said...

KNTV had planned to have weather reports filed out of the NBC/Universal studios in LA. Guess that didn't last too long. He probably also is already under contract to NBC; KNTV is owned by NBC.