Friday, April 17, 2009

The Sandra Cantu Investigation

The Sandra Cantu investigation received so much national attention after her body was discovered in a suitcase at an irrigation pond near her home in Tracy, Calif.

Slowly, and slowly the public information officer (PIO) gave very little information about the search during the daily news conference to the media. A memorial was set up outside of the mobile home park where Sandra resided. It grew just about everyday stretching at 20 ft. with outpouring of love and support.

Sandra went missing on Friday March 27. and day by day the search became very interesting and expanded locally, to nationally. Drawing media coverage from the San Francisco Bay area to Fresno, and networks such as NBC, ABC, and CNN.

Just days after her body was discovered an arrest was made early Saturday morning. Police arrested 28-year-old Melissa Huckabee, who lived in the mobile home park, and had told local media she reported a missing suitcase. After interviews with the police department, they said she was giving them different stories on each visit. Finally, she became emotional and confessed she was responsible for the death of Sandra Cantu. The community was outrage that a women could have done something like this... especially someone who was a Sunday school teacher at the church where investigators also searched. Sandra Cantu were friends with Melissa's 5-year-old daughter.

Now Melissa is in custody, and could be sentenced to life in prison. Sources also state that she was going through mental problems... just days before she was hospitalized, sources were told she swallowed small razor blades, that caused her to visit the hospital.


Radio Matthew said...

Your acronym for "PIO" in this article is incorrect. PIO stands for Public Information Officer, not Police Information Officer.

Sac News Blogger said...

Thanks for catching that! I meant to say Public not Police : )

Anonymous said...

Just found another typo in the 3rd photo from the bottom. The caption incorrectly states: "metal problems" instead of "mental problems".