Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trobules with 'Tent City' and the Media...

Recently, Tent City has gotten national attention, after Lisa Ling's special aired on the Oprah Show about tent cities growing in the U.S. including Sacramento. Tent City, which is located north of Downtown Sacramento along the American River has sprung housing as many as 1200 homeless people. Recently a homeless resident of tent city was upset after News10 showed up... last week, Cornell Barnard and his photographer were almost attacked after a women hit their camera.

On Friday, CBS 13 was going to go live for the 5 and 6 p.m. shows from tent city, but as reporter Koula Gianulias was preparing, she was threaten by one of the residents. "My photographer and I dropped by in the morning to shoot some video from a distance. We didn’t have any problems and a few people kindly chatted with us." Gianulias said. "Later in the afternoon, with our huge live truck, Tent City campers seemed much more uneasy. Right when my photographer jumped out of the truck a woman yelled at him and said she was going to grab her steak knife and cut his throat. Meanwhile another man started yelling at me…so we decided it was best to take off."

Right now the mayor of Sacramento is trying to move them into another location, where it's safe and where they can wash up... but some residents expressed they don't want to move.

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Anonymous said...

Which reporter at CBS 13 let the f-bomb get on the air. Did anyone get fired. I hear the FCC is asking questions and waiting for answers.