Friday, December 7, 2007

Apology Statement from KCRA

KCRA's news director Anzio Williams released a statement eariler this week about the comments said about Adrienne Bankert at a local college group not meaning to be harmful to the Jewish community.

"(KCRA) does not condone or endorse any comment that was made. We require all of our on-air talent to refrain from engaging in any outside activities or manners that impinge on our reputation of fairness, balance and accuracy.”

Adrienne's apology letter:
"I have been made aware that certain remarks that I made to a small student
group at Sacramento State last week could be regarded as offensive
stereotyping to some individuals and the community at large. I never
intended any of my comments to be hurtful or to stereotype any particular
group. I am well aware of the harm that stereotypical comments can cause to
specific groups and our society in general. I apologize if anyone was
offended by remarks."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Adrienne Bankert is a beautiful woman but needs to get educated in reality when you are in the news business truth is most important her comments misguided about jews are at most ignorant and in todays society anything said about race ethnicity color and nationality will be under sharp focus and well should be because racism comes from all races even against those who come from the same race i hope she knows better to not make inappropiate comments in a public position