Friday, August 24, 2007

It's that time of year again...

Live weather reports from the California State Fair at the News10 both in Building A!
Every single day except Monday's and Breaking News reports you can see your
favorite News10 Meterologist doing the weather live from the purple-blueish chromakey
wall, and get your chance to get a picture taken in front of the wall and get to be on TV!
Heres a look at when you can catch your favorite meteorologist live from the fair!

Tues-Fri evening:
Patty Souza- 5, 6pm

Tues Morning:
Gregg Lalka- 11am

Weds-Fri Morning:
Darla Givens- 11am

Sat-Sun Evenings:
Darla Givens- 5pm (Except on Sat), 6pm

See 'ya at the fair!!!

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